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I was Miss Rowland Heights in 1972.

~ Mary Spohn

It must have been either in the early 1980s when we took our very young son to our first Buckboard Days Parade. At the time, only the Southern side of Colima had the parade while the traffic continued on the northern side. The Parade began on Colima, probably at Larkvane or Fullerton Rd, and we viewed it on Colima in front of the location where Quaker Bank used to be in what is now Yes Plaza. Of course, David had to hoist our son up on his shoulders for a better view.

~ David and Teri Malkin

I was in the very first Buckboard Days Parade in 1970. I was 12 years old. My parents, Bill and Marion Sanborn were the coaches for the “Redhots”, a girls softball team. I was the mascot. The team was in that first parade and as the mascot, so was I. Then, many years later, my children were in the parade with the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. My daughter also marched with a baton school. Their names are Jill and Jacob Tumulty. They went to Blandford Elementary at the time. My name back in the 70’s was Lori Sanborn. I always looked forward to going to that parade every year. I always had fun and thoroughly enjoyed every parade.

~ Lori Tumulty

I was in the very first Buckboard Day Parade. My parents, Bill and Marion Sanborn were coaches for the “Redhots” girls softball team. I was their mascot. I was 12 years old. My name was Lori Sanborn back then. Then many years later my daughter, Jill Tumulty was in the parade as a Girl Scout and then rode her bike back to the beginning of the parade route and was in it doing baton twirling. My son, Jacob Tumulty marched with the Boy Scouts. I loved going to that parade every year.

~ Lori Tumulty Gray

ADRIAN JONES was our baton teacher and our group were in the parade what a thrill walking down Colima ! Circa 1973-74 my mother still resides in Rowland Heights 60 years later ! Cynthia Camacho Zezulka.

~ Cynthia Zezulka

I remember walking in the Buckboard Day Parade with my Girl Scout Troop – that would have been maybe 73′ or ’74.

~ Robin Mofson-Paerels

My aunt is Carolyn Rosas which Fajardo Park is named after. She was the Grand Marshal of the parades a lot of the years. I would get so excited to see her in the parade.

~ Corinne Rawson Pierson

John Rowland, pancake breakfast and my sister mom and dad in girl scouts and my brother in Rowland high school band. Out of state bands. And the reason for the parade. To commemorate the pioneers traveling west to settle here.

~ Linda Marmolejo Brown

Thrifty ice cream, RH used to be a nice little town to grow up where kids would come in when the street lights came on. I was in the buckboard parade many years for dance team, baton twirling team, cheerleading, song leader, drill team. It was always a good time.

~ Tamara St John

Go talk to Terry Weir Kubicek at Jack’s Lock and Key. She grew up in RH and has been in business there for over 40 years running the business her Dad started. She and her sister participated in one of the parades driving their Dad’s dune buggy. We attended many of the parades.

~ Margaret Atherton Weir

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